Established since 1971, B+W Builders Private Limited is formally incorporated in July 2015 to complement its sisters companies. From its humble beginning of 5 specializing only in carpentry and joinery works, B+W continually grow and develop on its team and services, and has grown to its current 100 strong team across various departments from the management team, to its project managers, down to its very core team of construction workers.

From its artisan roots, it is B+W’s principal and belief in being prudent, humble, and view every business relationships as long-term partnerships. Not only do the inherent tenacity, resilience and determination imbued in the company form the basis of its growth, it also enables the company to understand the journey and aspirations of individuals, families, businesses and communities in which it provides for.

B+W believe in seeking innovative solutions with the help of value-added engineering techniques and the wealth of building experiences from our building specialists. Projects by B+W are always completed on time delivered with the highest of industry standards, even with challenging timelines, and quality is never compromise. B+W believe in the union of people forming partnership that goes beyond working relationship, be it with our clients, our substantial network of suppliers, specialist tradespeople, and business partners. Through the fostering of strong relationships between different stakeholders, B+W focuses on not just the potential but on achieving the most desirable outcome for all our projects.

B+W’s team of competent professionals and managers demonstrates problem solving skills that works with contemporary methodology and not confined in the old paradigm of the trade. From project management team, to the on-site project supervisors, to construction workers and builders that carry out the daily assigned tasks, the team work together to ensure timely scheduled delivery.

The sharing of resources from B+W two core business units including property development and constructions allows the sharing of resources between the units and therefore giving greater economic of scale to projects, with economic savings trickled down to its business partners and clients. In addition, the company’s supporting businesses of mechanical and electrical engineering works, manufacturing of fire rated doors and joinery & carpentry provide value-add to B+W’s offerings. Through its continual efforts in improving and further developing its operational efficiency, B+W is able to live up to its motto of 

Efficiently Building, Shaping, and Fabricating Your Environment